95 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for College Halloween Parties

Do you remember the magic of Halloween as a kid? First, you got to dress up to enjoy all the Halloween activities at school then when you arrived home, you couldn’t wait to go out trick or treating with your friends. The magic of Halloween doesn’t have to end just because you’re now an adult. Attending Halloween parties wearing the latest trending DIY Halloween costumes while attending college or even after college is always a lot of fun.

If you’re looking for costumes that range from nerdy to sexy, the following costume ideas should help you out. Most of these are Halloween DIY costumes but if you don’t feel crafty, we’ve included links to purchase costumes or accessories to achieve the same look!

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1) 80s Aerobic Instructor Outfit

80s Aerobic Instructor Outfit.

2) Sky Dancer DIY Halloween Costumes

Sky Dancer DIY Halloween Costumes.

Sky Dancer costumes are so much fun and so easy to make.

3) Sexy Alien Costume

Sexy Alien Costume.

4) Angel


5) Back to the Future – Marty McFly and Doc DIY Halloween Costumes

Back to the Future - DIY Marty McFly and Doc Halloween Costumes.

6) Bad and Bougee DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Bad and Bougee Halloween Costumes.

7) Barbie Costume

Barbie Costume.

8) Sexy Barbie Halloween Costume

Sexy Barbie Halloween Costume.

This sexy Barbie costume is a great choice for Halloween because it is a well-known character and yells out fun!

9) Bugs and Lola Space Jam Basketball DIY Halloween Costumes

Bugs and Lola Space Jam Basketball DIY Halloween Costumes.

10) Baywatch


11) Hawaiian Girl DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Hawaiian Girl Halloween Costumes

12) Bob’s Burgers – Louise and Tina Belcher Costumes

Bob's Burgers - Louise and Tina Belcher DIY Halloween Costumes.

13) Boxer DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Boxer Halloween Costumes.

14) Bratz Doll DIY Halloween Costumes

Bratz Doll DIY Halloween Costumes.

15) Sexy Prisoner DIY Halloween Costumes

Sexy Prisoner DIY Halloween Costumes.

16) Burglar DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Burglar Halloween Costumes.

17) DIY Terrarium Halloween Costume

DIY Terrarium Halloween Costume.

Here’s the full tutorial to create this cute Halloween costume!

18) Cactus Costume

Cactus Costume.

Create this sharp cactus costume (no pun intended!) with this full tutorial!

19) Commando Costume

Commando Costume.

20) Sexy Captain DIY Halloween Costumes

Sexy Captain DIY Halloween Costumes.

21) Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Costume.

22) Sexy Catwoman DIY Halloween Costumes

Sexy Catwoman DIY Halloween Costumes.

Ever since Catwoman took over the role of Batman and became one of his most trusted allies, she has been a favorite costume idea for many young women.

23) Cavewoman DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Cavewoman Halloween Costume.

24) Devil’s Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costumes

Devil's Cheerleader Costume.

Bring on the spooky with this devil’s cheerleader costume.

25) Cheerleader DIY Halloween Costumes

Cheerleader DIY Halloween costumes.

26) Sexy Clown Costume

Sexy Clown Costume.

27) Space Cowboy DIY Halloween Costumes

Space cowboy DIY Halloween costumes.

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative just like these girls did. You can make your own costume and nobody will judge you for not being creative enough!

28) Cupid Costume

Cupid costume.

29) Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl Costumes

Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl DIY Halloween Costumes.

30) She-Devil DIY Halloween Costumes

She-Devil DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 1.

Looking for a devilishly good costume idea? Why not go as the She-Devil and slay all the other ghosts and ghouls? Check out all these great ideas for making a She-Devil costume…


She-Devil DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 2.

32) She-Devil and Angel DIY Costumes

She-Devil and Angel DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 1.

If you’re looking for a bad girl, good girl costume, why not try out a She-Devil and Angel couples costume? Here are some more ideas…


She-Devil and Angel DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 2.


She-Devil and Angel DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 3.


She-Devil and Angel DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 4.

36) Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel Costume.

If you’re looking for a costume that is both affordable and easy to make, you should consider Rapunzel from the hit Disney movie, Tangled.

37) Disney Princess DIY Costumes

DIY Disney Princess Halloween Costumes.

For those of you who want to go as a Disney Princess for Halloween but without a lot of hassle, these DIYs are for you!

38) Tinker Bell Costume

Tinker Bell Costume.

39) Snow White Costume

Snow White Costume.

40) Beret Girl Costume

Beret Girl Costume.

41) Fruity Strawberry and Pineapple Costumes

Fruity Strawberry and Pineapple DIY Halloween Costumes.

Dress up as a fruity, strawberry-pineapple-themed costume for your next Halloween party!

42) The 60s Go Go Dancer DIY Costumes

1960s Go Go Dancer DIY Halloween Costumes.

43) Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Costume.

44) Sunflower DIY Costumes

DIY Sunflower Halloween Costumes.

45) “The Incredibles” DIY Costumes

"The Incredibles" Costume.


"The Incredibles" Costume - Version 2.

47) JUUL DIY Costumes

DIY JUUL Halloween Costumes.

48) Kermit’s None of My Business Costume

Kermit's None of My Business Costume.

49) Edna “E” Mode Costume

Edna "E" Mode Costume.

50) Under the Sea Costumes

Under the Sea Costumes.

52) Sexy Nurse DIY Costumes

Sexy Nurse DIY Halloween Costumes.


Sexy Nurse DIY Halloween Costumes - Version 2.

54) Peanut Butter and Jelly DIY Costumes

Peanut Butter and Jelly DIY Halloween Costumes.

55) Pirate Costumes for Women

Pirate Costumes for Women.

56) Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Costume.

57) Festival Girl Costume

Festival Girl Costume.

58) Riverdale DIY Costumes

Riverdale Costumes.

59) Roaring 1920s Couple Costume

Roaring 1920s Couple Costume.

60) Rock Paper Scissors Costumes

Rock Paper Scissors Costumes.

61) Space Jam Tune Squad Costume

Space Jam Tune Squad Costume.

62) Scarface and Elvira Couples Costume

Scarface and Elvira Couples Costume.

63) Naughty School Girl Costumes

Naughty School Girl Costumes.

64) Sexy Bunny Halloween Costume

Sexy Bunny Halloween Costume.

65) Three Blind Mice Costumes

Three Blind Mice Costumes.

66) Shark Attack Costumes

Shark Attack Costumes.

67) Sexy 80s Costumes

Sexy 1980s Costumes.

68) Social Media Costumes

Social Media Halloween Costumes.

69) Snapchat Costumes

Snapchat Costumes.

70) Spice Rack Costumes

Spice Rack Costumes.

71) SpongeBob and Patrick Costumes

SpongeBob and Patrick Costumes.

72) Starbucks Costume

Starbucks Costume.

73) Eleven from Stranger Things Costume

Eleven from Stranger Things Costume.

74) Sun and Moon Costumes

Sun and Moon Halloween Costumes.

75) Moon Goddess Costume

Moon Goddess Costume.

76) Cloud Costume

Cloud Costume.

77) Moon and Pineapple Costumes

Moon and Pineapple Costumes.

78) More Sun and Moon Costumes.

Sun and Moon Halloween Costumes - Version 2.

79) Thelma and Louise Costumes

Thelma and Louise Costumes.

80) Trader Joe’s Grocery Bag Costumes

Trader Joe's Grocery Bag Costumes.

81) Trick or Treat Costumes

Trick or Treat Costumes.

82) Trolls Costume

Trolls Costume.

83) Twister Costumes

Twister Costumes

84) Unicorn Costumes

Unicorn Costumes.


Unicorn Costumes - Version 2.

86) Where’s Waldo Costume

Where's Waldo Costume.

87) Where’s Waldo Couples Costume

Where's Waldo Couples Costume.

88) Wednesday from The Addams Family Costume

Wednesday from The Addams Family Costume.

89) White Claw Costume

Just print out a white claw logo and secure it to a tank top!

90) Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet Costumes

Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet Costumes.

91) Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Costume

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Costume.

92) DIY Zombie Costume

DIY Zombie Costume.

93) Skeleton Costumes

Skeleton Costumes.

94) Cute but Psycho Costumes

Cute but Psycho Costumes.


Cute but Psycho Costumes - Version 2.

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