Young Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Gray Causing ‘Granny Hair’ to Be the Latest Hair Trend

When men or women look in the mirror and see a few gray hairs for the first time, it can cause anxiety in some people. However, it appears that gray is the new blond and it definitely is a great look that definitely would turn heads. ‘Granny hair’ is a new trend that young woman are adopting and it’s quickly becoming mainstream.

Having silver hair looks great on these women and they look very sophisticated and modern. Maybe rocking silver locks is a style that is ahead of its time (literally!)

Gray hair isn’t for older people anymore and young women everywhere are dyeing their hair.

Young women are making gray hair the new blond.

It looks incredibly sexy and modern.

Granny hair is a social media trend that isn’t slowing down.

Adding strands of other colors only makes gray look even more stunning.

Granny hair brings a whole new dimension to curls.

Young women are making it their own and looking great with luscious silver locks.

It makes ponytails stand out.

You can glam it up as much as you like.

And your look will still be beautiful and sophisticated.

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