Father and Daughter Jump up onto the Dance Floor and Leave Everyone in Awe

Epic Quinceanera Father-Daughter Dance That Leaves Everyone in Awe.

A father and daughter share a special bond that lasts a lifetime. While every daughter eventually grows up to be a woman, she will always be daddy’s little girl. In Mexico, a quinceanera is generally celebrated on the fifteen birthday of a girl to celebrate a young girl’s passage into womanhood.

Retired US Marine Leonardo Cortinas’s daughter Jasmine means the world to him; therefore, he wanted to do something special for the traditional father-daughter dance. Together, they choreographed epic dance moves to classics like ‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘Can’t Touch This,’ while starting and ending appropriately with ‘My Girl’.

Watch this father and daughter leave everyone in awe when they take the dance floor at her quinceanera party!


They practiced their routine for over three weeks but it was definitely worth it. Jasmine, her father, and all 600 of her guests will remember this epic dance and her beautiful quinceanera. While a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ party is traditionally celebrated in the United States, the quinceanera is becoming very popular in the US, especially among Latino families.

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