Young Guys Started Lip Syncing in a Car but I Didn’t Expect Them to Sing THIS Song. Hilarious!

Teenagers Lip Sync the 1962 Hit 'Duke of Earl' in the Car.

If you’ve ever seen teenagers lip syncing in the car, they are most likely lip-syncing to Taylor Swift or other musical pop stars. When Tyler Cox and his friends start lip-synching to a song on the radio, I didn’t expect them to sing to Gene Chandler’s 1962 number-one hit, ‘Duke of Earl’.

These boys are having a great time singing oldies. It’s great to see today’s generation bring classics from the ’50s and ’60s and giving them their own style.

Watch The Backseat Boys lip-synching ‘Duke of Earl’…


“Duke of Earl,” released in 1962 by Gene Chandler quickly rose to become the number-one song in the US. In fact, it was one of Chandler’s most popular song. These teens could have picked any song and they chose one of the most popular songs of the ’60s!

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