17 DIY Christmas Crafts to Celebrate the Holiday Season

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. But it can also be a time for creativity and craftiness. If you’re looking for some easy Christmas crafts to get you in the holiday spirit, look no further.

This list of 17 Christmas crafts has everything from Christmas tree ornaments to holiday decor. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, there are some easy holiday craft ideas for everyone! Let’s start crafting and if you ever need a break, don’t forget to check out these funny Christmas memes!

1) DIY Christmas Crafts – Advent Calendar

DIY Christmas Crafts - Advent Calendar.

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a festive way to count down the days until the big day this winter, this DIY Advent Calendar by ChefClub is the perfect project!

This easy-to-make DIY calendar is filled with sweet treats! It’s sure to get all your loved ones in the Christmas spirit.

To make your own DIY calendar, you’ll need 24 cardboard tubes, wrapping paper, and Christmas candy.

Simply arrange the cardboard tubes in a Christmas tree shape and fill each tube with candy or another treat.

Christmas crafts that are so simple and fun, you’ll want to make one for every Christmas season! Get the tutorial.

2) Aluminum Foil Christmas Tree Ornaments

Aluminum Foil Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Christmas crafts are a great way to get kids into the holiday spirit. And what could be more festive than making your own Christmas tree ornaments?

This aluminum foil Christmas tree ornament tutorial by The Joy is Sharing is easy and fun, perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. And it makes a great school craft project, too.

Kids will love seeing their own creations on the Christmas tree. And you’ll love the beautiful results. Get the tutorial.

3) Candy Cane Marquee

Candy Cane Marquee.

One of the most popular Christmas crafts this year is making marquee letters.

Marquee letters are a fun and festive way to decorate your home for Christmas and a tutorial by Polkadot Chair shows you just how.

There are many ways to make marquee letters, but this version looks awesome with candy cane stripes.

Candy cane stripes are a fun way to decorate your marquee letters for Christmas.

This can be easily done with a little bit of painter’s tape, paint, and glitter glue.

With a little bit of effort, you can create some beautiful and unique Christmas decorations that will bring joy to your home during the holiday season. Get the tutorial.

4) No-Sew Christmas Gnomes

No-Sew Christmas Gnomes.

One of my favorite Christmas crafts is making gnomes from a tutorial I found at Dream a Little Bigger.

These little guys are so cute and easy to make, and they make great Christmas decorations.

You can make them out of recycled materials, so they’re also eco-friendly.

To make these no-sew gnomes, you’ll need some scrap fabric, felt, cushion stuffing, and a wooden bead for the nose.

Just recycle your plastic bottles for their body and cover them in scrap fabric and add a wooden bead for the nose.

It’s a fun and easy craft to make with the kids, and you can even create a gnome for each member of your family. Get the tutorial.

5) DIY Christmas Crafts – Glitter Candles

DIY Christmas Crafts - Glitter Candles.

Every year, we make a list of all the Christmas decorations we want to make and spend the time leading up to Christmas ticking them off one by one.

Glitter candles have always been on my list of Christmas crafts, but I never got around to them – until now!

This year, I decided to finally try my hand at making glitter candles with this tutorial by Kids Craft Room and I’m so glad I did.

Not only is this a super easy project for kids, but it’s also really affordable.

Plus, these DIY glitter candles add a touch of glamour to any Christmas table!

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with the kids, this DIY glitter candle tutorial is definitely for you! Get the tutorial.

6) Easy Jingle Bells Craft

Easy Jingle Bells Craft.

This year, I found the perfect Christmas craft for even the smallest crafters!

I love Christmas craft ideas that are fun and don’t require a ton of items.

This one only requires two crafting supplies, pipe cleaners, and jingle bells…that’s it!

My kids loved making this craft and I loved that it was a Christmas craft we could all do together.

If you’re looking for fun and easy Christmas crafts to do with your kids, I highly recommend this tutorial by The Joys of Boys! Get the tutorial.

7) DIY Christmas Crafts – Giant Christmas Ornament Pillows

DIY Christmas Crafts - Giant Christmas Ornament Pillows.

These DIY giant Christmas ornament pillows by Studio DIY are the perfect holiday decor!

They’re easy to make with basic sewing skills and can be made with any fabric you like.

These pillows that look like Christmas ornaments are a great Christmas craft project that will quickly turn into heirloom holiday home decor that you can pull out each season. They would also make the perfect gift for that special person on your list.

So get crafty and make your own pillows shaped like giant Christmas ornaments! Get the tutorial.

8) Painted Santa Stones

Painted Santa Stones.

Christmas crafting is a yearly tradition for many people, and there are countless holiday-themed projects to choose from.

One popular option for Christmas crafts is painting Christmas stones.

By adding a few simple features with acrylic paint, it’s easy to transform a smooth beach stone into an adorable Santa stone with this tutorial by Happy Hooligans.

Christmas crafting is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, and painted Christmas stones make lovely gifts or decorations for the home.

With just a few supplies and a little bit of time, anyone can create beautifully painted Christmas stones. Get the tutorial.

9) Paper Doll Family Christmas Card

Paper Doll Family Christmas Card.

This holiday season, give your friends and family something unique and thoughtful – a paper doll family Christmas card! This tutorial by Dulia Creates shows you how to make your own paper doll family, complete with tiny clothes and accessories.

It’s the perfect way to show off your creative side when it comes to Christmas crafts, and it’s sure to be a hit with everyone on your list.

So get started today and spread some Christmas cheer with a one-of-a-kind paper doll family Christmas card! Get the tutorial.

10) Christmas Poppers

Christmas Poppers.

Christmas poppers are a fun and easy craft everyone can enjoy. I was first introduced to Christmas poppers (also known as Christmas crackers) while our family was gathered around the dinner table and it’s been a Christmas tradition ever since.

This tutorial from The House That Lars Built shows you how to make your own Christmas poppers and fill them up with your favorite goodies.

To make your own Christmas poppers, you will only need colorful kraft paper, ribbon, glue, and the template available on their website for a small fee.

And that’s it! Your Christmas poppers are ready to Pop! Merry Christmas! Get the tutorial.

11) Popsicle Stick Snowman Hat Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Snowman Hat Ornaments.

This easy-to-make craft is perfect for kids of all ages and is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

All you need is some popsicle sticks, glue, and paint, and you’ll be ready to make your very own snowman hat.

This adorable ornament is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and will look great hanging on the tree.

Get crafty this Christmas with this Popsicle Stick Snowman Hat Ornament tutorial by Fireflies and Mud Pies. Get the tutorial.

12) Reindeer Pillow Box

Reindeer Pillow Box.

These reindeer pillow boxes created by The Craft Train are a great Christmas craft that can be done in advance and will be sure to please the recipient.

Not only are they cute, but they are also practical. They can be used to hold small items like jewelry or mini stationery items, or even candy canes or chocolates. Get the tutorial.

13) Popsicle Stick Sleds

Popsicle Stick Sleds.

If you already tried the snowman hat decorations in #13, then you already know that popsicle sticks are a versatile craft material that can be used to make all kinds of Christmas decorations.

Another popular Christmas craft is to make sleds out of popsicle sticks. To make a popsicle stick sled, you will need six popsicle sticks, glue, a bit of crafting supplies, and this tutorial by Clean and Scentsible.

Once completed, you can hang it on your Christmas tree or use it as a cute topper for Christmas gifts.

Popsicle stick sleds are a fun and easy Christmas craft that everyone can enjoy! Get the tutorial.

14) DIY Christmas Crafts – Christmas Village

DIY Christmas Crafts - Christmas Village.

If you’re looking for one little project to round up your craft list for the holidays, one fun project you can try is making a DIY Christmas village.

This tutorial by Mod Podge Rocks will show you how to make a village that looks beautiful with a variety of decor styles. The key is to be creative and have fun!

Christmas villages are traditionally made with clay or paper mache and feature bottle brush trees or Christmas trees decorated with Mod Podge.

In this Christmas craft though, you can use crafting materials you have around the house or purchase the items on Amazon or your local craft store.

Once you’ve made your village and miniature Christmas trees, you can display them on a shelf, table, or mantel. Start your own DIY Christmas village today! Get the tutorial.

15) Christmas Wreath Card

Christmas Wreath Card.

Are you looking for a special Christmas card to send out this year? This DIY Christmas wreath card by Handcrafted by Helen is the perfect card to make and send.

It’s super easy to make using paper, scissors, glue, and the step-by-step video provided in the tutorial.

It’s a great way to bring a handmade touch to your Christmas cards and it’s sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

So get ready for the holidays with this Christmas wreath card tutorial! Get the tutorial.

16) Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament

Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament.

This DIY snowman mason jar tealight holder by Chica Circle has to be one of the cutest Christmas crafts out there.

It’s easy to make and it only requires a mason jar, decoupage glue, googly eyes, artificial snowflakes, and some other craft supplies.

The tutorial asks for button eyes but I just use googly eyes which add a bit of whimsical personality to these Snowman Mason Jar Luminaries, in my opinion.

You can also customize it by adding your own embellishments or changing the color scheme.

Once complete, you have a beautiful Christmas decoration that will light up any room. Get the tutorial.

17) DIY Christmas Crafts – Yarn Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Crafts - Yarn Christmas Tree .

One of my favorite Christmas crafts is this colorful yarn Christmas tree by A Beautiful Mess.

This yarn Christmas tree is easy to make if you have a hot glue gun and you can customize it to match the yarn colors to your own Christmas decorating scheme.

Plus, it’s a great way to use up any extra yarn, cardboard, or cones you might have lying around! Get the tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas crafts!

In this list of Christmas crafts, we showed easy craft ideas for popsicle stick snowman hats, reindeer pillow boxes, popsicle stick sleds, DIY Christmas villages, and yarn Christmas trees.

So get your craft supplies ready and have some fun creating these Christmas crafts this season! Happy crafting!

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