A Public Disturbance Turned out to Be the Best Thing Ever for This Seattle Woman.

This Seattle Marriage Proposal on a Bus Is Heartwarming

Alissa Haslam was in a meeting but had to pulled out because there was a ‘public disturbance’ across the street. When she looked out her window, her girlfriend was on a bus with a band and what followed was one of the best wedding proposals ever.

“On July 30, I was pulled out of a meeting because of a “disturbance” on the street. When I got to my office window,” Alissa wrote in the caption of the YouTube video. “I saw my girlfriend standing on a bus across the street. What came next was the most genuine, funny, heartfelt marriage proposal. Just the night before, we were talking about romance and I pretty much told her she wasn’t romantic. I am eating crow…and will be for a long time.”

Watch this beautiful marriage proposal on a bus.


I am sure July 30, 2013 will be a day she will never forget and we wish them all the best in the future. This took a lot of effort to schedule and organize such an intricate marriage proposal and it truly displays the amount of love they have for each other. Please share this beautiful story with your friends and family.

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