30 Reasons Why Kids Are Pretty Much the Absolute Worst

Kids have their moments of being cute and adorable but many times they can be so bad it’s as though they are channeling Satan. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘kids will be kids’ which loosely translates to ‘kids don’t give a shit.’

We love them with all our hearts but here are 30 reasons why kids are pretty much the absolute worst.

Yes, kids are cute and adorable and oh so squishy…


But they are mostly cruel, ravenous monsters.


1) For one thing, they’re gross.


2) They find ways to get stuck in everything.


3) They’re terrible at work.

30 Reasons Why Kids Are the Worst - They're terrible at work.

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4) They have no respect for your pets.


5) They’re stupid.


6) They love making a mess…


…with everything.


7) They’re mean.


8) They’re helpless.


9) They always cry.


10) They are functionally useless.


11) They literally have no idea what they are doing most of the time.


12) They break things.


13) They’re lazy.


14) Did I mention they are stupid?


15) They always smell weird.


16) They give up easily.


17) They’re afraid of the friendliest animals.


18) They’re always getting themselves in trouble.


19) They’re REALLY clingy.


20) Did I mention they get stuck in everything?


21) They can’t be left alone for 1 minute.


22) They do dumb things like this.


23) And this.


24) They have trouble getting food into their mouth.


25) They’re selfish.


26) They have no respect for other people.


27) See what I mean?


28) Did I already mention they’re stupid?


29) They’re bad at sports. Actually, they’re bad at everything.


30) Kids can be the worst but we still love ’em.

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