This 3-Year-Old Just Took Her First Sip of Soda. Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Trying Soda for the First Time.

I think we all agree that kids shouldn’t drink soda; however, having a sip never hurt anyone and their reaction is often hilarious. Even this skunk with a Coke can on its head probably couldn’t resist the sweet taste of sugar.

A 3-year-old girl decided to take a sip of her mom’s soda. She ended up liking it so much she didn’t want to give it back! In fact, when her mom warns her that soda isn’t good for her, she insists it is ‘black juice’ and her mom can’t help but laugh.

Watch this adorable 3-year-old trying soda for the first time…


It’s no secret that kids love penny candies and other tasty treats. I think she’ll enjoy an occasional glass of soda when she grows up or she may end up avoiding sugar altogether!

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