22 Cozy Houses That Look Enchanting Snuggled Away in a Winter Paradise

One of my favorite seasons is fall and I’m addicted to the beauty of fall foliage landscapes. But, when that first snowfall hits, everything around you seems magical. Fluffy white snow layering homes, trees, and everything in sight creates a feeling of warmth and coziness that can’t be explained.

The following 22 cozy houses look lost within the natural landscapes that surround them but you can’t help admire their beauty. These winter scenes are spectacular on their own but when you notice that little house nestled within it, it brings an entire new level of beauty.

1) A charming old painted lady.

2) Red in a sea of green and white.

3) A frozen winter fairy tale.

4) A beautiful red house in Norway.

5) An abandoned house in Öxnadal, Iceland.

6) An enchanting cabin in the Alps.

7) Snow blanket in Lapland, Finland.

8) The warmth of yellow in a beautiful frozen landscape.

9) A solitary red house in Norway.

10) Small solitary house in les Dents du Midi in the Swiss Alps.

11) Dusk in Tirol, Austria.

12) Winter summer house in Bergen, Norway.

13) Frozen in the Karkonosze mountains.

14) Isolated cabin in Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway.

15) Beautiful red lakeside house in Tromso, Norway.

16) A gorgeous house in a white forest.

17) Snowbound Hunting Lodge In Dolomites, Italy.

18) An amazing polar night in Finland.

19) A stunning abandoned cabin in Iceland.

20) A beautiful night in Stockholm, Sweden.

21) A quiet village in the woods.

22) A snowy cabin tucked away.

H/t: Bored Panda

These images show that we has humans can settle anywhere regardless of climate. Please share these incredible cozy houses in winter landscapes with your friends and family.

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