These Kids Test Answers Are Completely Wrong but They Get an A+ for Humor

Looking back as an adult, spending days at school with your friends was a great time but at the time, school felt like the worst because of all the tests and homework! Spending so many hours studying felt like a waste of time but for the kids that did study, taking a test was a more pleasurable experience.

The following 18 kids probably weren’t paying attention in class but they definitely wrote an answer that made their teachers think and probably laugh. Just like these other kids with funny test answers, they probably got the answer wrong but they still get an A+ from me for their hilarious effort!

1) When it doubt, write down a brief art lesson.

18 Funny Test Answers - When it doubt, write down a brief art lesson.

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It reads, “I have no clue but if you write 12 and another 12 under it, it could make a bunny.”


2) “Here’s my answer, are you happy now??”

It reads, “Five syllables here. Seven more syllables there. Are you happy now??”


3) That wasn’t very nice.

18 Funny Test Answers - That wasn't very nice.

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It reads, “Would you want to swim with the boy in the this water? No, because there’s trash in the water and he’s chubby.”


4) Clever, very clever.

18 Funny Test Answers - Clever, very clever.

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It reads, “A coin is flipped and then a die is rolled, what is the probability or rolling an odd and then flipping a tails? 0% because you flipped the coin first.”


5) Captain Obvious!

It reads, “Explain how you found your answer in Problem 4. Math.”


6) At least Frankie is honest.

It reads, “I earn money at home by I don’t. I am a freeloader.”


7) People ARE┬áliving longer…

18 Funny Test Answers - People ARE living longer...

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It reads, “When I am 100 years old, I will…be dead.”


8) Well, that’s one way.

It reads, “Positive ways our family handles stress: Suck it up.”


9) This child remembers his birth pretty accurately.

It reads, “I was born in 2004.”


10) In a way, this answer could still be correct ­čÖé

It reads, “Find the difference between 8 and 6. Eight is all curly. Six is not.”


11) A future lawyer?

It reads, “Evan told his class that the people in his family have 14 legs altogether. Quinton said Evan must have 7 people in his family. Is Quinton correct? Explain why or why not. Yes, because 14 divided by 2 equals 7 but not everyone has two legs. Go to”


12) This kid is going places.

It reads, “Describe yourself in THREE words. I am a rebel.”


13) He tried but doesn’t really care anymore.

It reads, “Have you been practicing the multiplication tables? I do not care.”


14) Way to go, dad.


15) Is he playing minecraft?


16) A silly question deserves a silly answer.

It reads, “How did you solve Problem 8? How I solved Problem 8 is I thought about it.”


17) She is proud of her country.

It reads, “What part(s) of the world is your family from? America.”


18) Ambition.

It reads, “Dr. King had a dream. My dream is…to work at Taco Bell with my mama.”

Even if these answers were wrong, you have to give these kids credit for their bravery and honesty. Please share these 18 hilarious test answers from kids with attitude with your friends and family.

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