10 Funny Pictures to Make Your Monday a Little Brighter

If you asked 10 random people what the worst day of the week is, I’d venture to say that 9 out 10 people will choose Monday. If you get the Monday blues, you’re not alone.

The best way to get through the day is to stay busy and laugh it off. If you need help, here are 10 funny pictures to make your Monday a little funnier and brighter! Need more? Here are 18 more funny images to add a smile to your day.

1) Relatable.

10 Funny Pictures - Relatable.

Reddit / agirlnamedfred

“When someone feeds me.”

2) …are they done yet?

“When people sing Happy Birthday to you and you just there like…”

3) This bird is my spirit animal.

“Breaking the law like a boss.”

4) Hide and seek skill level: 9000.

10 Funny Pictures - Hide and seek skill level: 9000.

Reddit / outlook_FTW

“When you’re playing hide and seek with your amputee toddler and they pull this…”

5) He takes derp to a whole new level.

“Seriously, what kind of turtle is this?”

6) All smiles.

“When you’re facetiming your bestie…”

7) They even posted them to Facebook? The horror!

“So today at church, a guy in a suit tried to drown me and I kid you not, my family just stood there taking pictures.”

8) Definitely me in real life.

“Me waiting for the pizza delivery guy…”

9) Oopsy!

“When you already started eating and someone says “let’s pray.””

10) Who’s going to break the news to him?

10 Funny Pictures - Who's going to break the news to him?

Reddit / Little_Hambones

“I’m sorry, dad. You’re adopted.”

Have a great day and before you know it, it’ll be Friday. Please share these funny pictures to chase away the Monday blue’s with your friends and family.

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