Orphaned Kittens Were Trapped Inside This Apartment Wall

My personal fear has always been hearing noises within a wall so in this instance I would have been horrified. Thankfully, these were cries from orphan kittens and their help came just in time.

When a friend heard cries coming from the wall, the apartment resident called her superintendent and convinced them to create a small hole in the wall. Once they did, the sound was louder and they could see small kittens through the hole.

The resident’s cat, Phoebe, looks at the kittens through the hole with amazement.


They spotted two kittens when spotting the flashlight and noticed there was no mother. Some wet food was dropped to help lure them out.


The superintendent made the hole larger to safely carry the cats through. Awww, cute.


These little guys were starving. They must have been happy to see food and milk.


Now that they are safe, they are soon on their way to the veterinarian for a quick checkup to ensure they are healthy.

H/t: Reddit

I love a happy ending and so glad that they were able to hear those cries. It’s still a mystery how they got inside the walls but at least they are safe and sound.

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