If This Cat Has Nine Lives, It Was on Its Last One. But, His Recovery Led Him to Nurse Other Animals.

Rademenes the cat was brought to an animal shelter by his owners because he had an inflamed respiratory track and didn’t think he would make it. But, when veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich heard him purr, she knew she had to save him.

She successfully nursed him back to health and kept him as a pet in her office. She then noticed that Rademenes was helping other animals by offering comfort to other animals and knew then that he was special.

Rademenes the cat had a life-threatening respiratory track infection but recovered thanks to the care of veterinarians from the Polish animal shelter.


His condition was so bad that they initially thought they would have to put him down.


His condition was so bad that they initially thought they would have to put him down.


Rademenes the nurse cat seems to understand that nothing feels better when recuperating than feeling the warmth of someone who cares next to you.


He offers comfort to every animal in the shelter.


He also cares for them by giving them lots of hugs and cleaning them.


The staff at the shelter jokes that he is now a full-time nurse because of his huge heart.


He is a huge asset to the shelter and will help so many animals get better.

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It isn’t uncommon to see an animal care so much about other animals because caring is part of their DNA. Just like this Shih Tzu caring for a kitten, animals just instinctively know when other animals are in pain or not feeling well and they do what they can to help.

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