Her Boyfriend Wasn’t Paying Attention to the Kiss Cam so This Woman Did Something Hilarious

Woman Kisses a Stranger Instead of Her Date on the Kiss Cam.

If this couple were on a date at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in NYC, it probably didn’t go according to plan. When the kiss cam landed on the couple, the woman’s boyfriend was apparently busy playing ‘Flappy Bird’ on his phone so she did some quick thinking.

There was a handsome gentleman beside her so she passionately kissed him instead while her boyfriend finally took notice. It definitely got his attention and she got instant payback.

Watch as a woman kisses the man next to her on the kiss cam after her date snubs her…


This unfortunately looks like a hoax. Some or all of it must have been staged but it is funny regardless! Please share this hilarious video with your friends and family.

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