27 Funny Stranger Things Memes

Netflix’s sci-fi sensation Stranger Things has created a huge wave of excitement across the internet, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping (waiting for Season 5 is killing me!). From Eleven to Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington, fans can’t get enough of the show’s characters and story arcs. As a self-proclaimed superfan of the series, I LOVE hilarious memes based on some of Stranger Things’ most iconic scenes and phrases, they help turn even the simplest moments into shareable comedy gold.

The thing I love most about Stranger Things is the brilliant mix of so many genres. Horror, comedy, science fiction, drama, it’s all here! And every season just builds up the stories perfectly which makes you can’t wait for the next season. Well, enough about my love of Stranger Things, let’s get to the memes! If you’re in need of a good laugh today, then scroll through these 27 funny Stranger Things memes; they’ll make your day!

1) Let the Stranger Things memes begin!

“I can’t believe the best duo in Stranger Things is literally batman and robin.”


“[censored]. Language.”


“Who the [censored]…Language! WHOM the [censored]!!! NO! I can’t breathe.”


“Joyce Byers in seasons 1 and 2: What is wrong with my boy?! Joyce Byers in season 3: What is wrong with my magnets?!”


“Eleven: *pointing at Nancy’s stomach* Why are you so big now? Nancy: Because I’m pregnant. Eleven: Pregnant? Nancy: Yeah, you know? Jonathan and I are having a baby. Eleven: Why? Nancy: Well, a lot of the time when people love each other, they decide that they want to have children together to share that love with. Eleven: *nods* Later that day, in the basement. Eleven: Mike? When are we going to have a baby? Mike: *chokes on his drink*”


“Everyone after watching Stranger Things and It. Person: You’re such a loser. That’s a compliment in my book!”


“Family Dinner. Will Byers: Dad, can you pass the salt? *Hopper, Bob, and Steve all reach for the salt* Hopper: Bob: Will: Joyce: Steve: *handing Will the salt* Here you go, buddy.”


“Stranger Things: Freshman year vs. Senior year.


“Go out with your friends! What is a ‘friend?'”


“Have you seen my son?”


“How to deal with a breakup. Normal people: Cry, eat ice cream, watch sad movies, and cry some more. Steve Harrington: Adopt four middle-school kids and become the best single mom the Hawkins high school basketball team has ever seen.”


“I knew it.”


“Joyce loves to redecorate her house.”


“Me listening to Master of Puppets by Metallica after watching Stranger Things season 4 vol. 2.”


“Nancy and Eleven shopping. Eleven: What is that? Nancy: Oh! That’s eh…a bra. Eleven: Can I wear it? Nancy: Yeah, sure…*later that day in Mike’s basement* Eleven: Guys! Look what I bought! *tries to pull up her shirt* Mike: No, no, no, no. Dustin: Omg, omg, omg. Lucas: Wow. Wow.”


“No one: Jonathan Byers.”


“OTP: One true pairing. It is the biggest ship in a fangirl’s fleet of ships and it is usually the source of every fangirl’s pain and suffering.”


“Me outside the Duffer Brothers’ house after the season 4 finale of Stranger Things.”


“Nobody’s perfect, but Noah is perfect. Therefore Noah is nobody. And nobody loves me so technically Noah loves me.”


“Richie Tozier: Holy [censored] what happened to you? Mike Wheeler: Holy [censored] what happened to you?”




“Stranger Things 4 Spoiler. Steve looks so proud and happy for Robin finally having the courage to talk with Vickie.”


“The Baby-Sitters Club. Steve’s Scary Situation.”


“This phone belongs to a Stranger Things super fan. So unless you are: Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin, or Will, stay back! Or I’ll send a Demogorgon after you.”


“When Stranger Things season 2 was amazing but you have to wait until 2019 for season 3…Halfway happy.”


“You can’t even text back but Joyce Byer’s son still manages to talk to her through lights? Try again.”


“When your parents have friends over and you only have enough socializing strength for one trip to the kitchen.”

I hope you enjoyed these Stranger Things memes!

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