This Chef Will Show You How to Save Stale Bread and Have It Tasting Great Again in Minutes

How many times have you bought a loaf of bread or a baguette only to have become rock hard the next day? Instead of throwing away delicious food, try this tip on how to freshen stale bread from Chef Sara Moulton. It will help bring back freshly baked bread’s soft and chewy texture to your loaves.

How to freshen stale bread.

On an episode of the Rachel Ray Show, Sara demonstrates how she rinses a loaf of bread under running water and pops it in the oven! The water helps rehydrate the bread, while the oven crisps up the crust and restores freshly baked bread’s soft and chewy texture. This tip is a great way to save money and reduce food waste. It allows you to use up stale bread that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s also a handy trick to have up your sleeve if you need to freshen up bread for sandwiches.

But that’s not all – She even has a bonus tip for removing mold from hard and semisoft cheeses! While moldy cheese may seem like a lost cause, Sara explains that it’s often safe to eat if you cut and remove the moldy parts from a large block of cheese. Because mold can’t penetrate far into hard cheese like cheddar or Parmesan, it’s still safe to eat. In the video, she demonstrates how to cut and remove the moldy parts from a large block of cheese.

Watch Chef Sara Moulton demonstrate how to freshen stale bread…


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These tips from Chef Sara Moulton are a reminder that there are simple and easy ways to reduce food waste. With food being so expensive these days, it’s smart to make the most of the food we have. By freshening up stale bread and salvaging moldy cheese, we can save money, reduce waste, and enjoy delicious food without any unnecessary waste.

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