7 Indoor Houseplants Safe For Cats

If you’re a cat owner, you know that keeping your feline friend entertained is a top priority. But what if you’re short on space or time? Don’t worry – I got you covered…with plants! Houseplants are a great way to keep your home looking fresh and vibrant, and they can also provide a fun and stimulating environment for your cat. Not all plants are safe for cats, however, so it’s important to choose indoor plants that are non-toxic and safe for your cats.

Check out these seven easy-to-grow houseplants that are safe for cats. From spider plants to bamboo, there’s a plant species for everyone. So let’s get growing and watch your kitty have hours of fun!

Here are 7 indoor plants safe for cats:

1) Spider Plants

7 indoor plants safe for cats - Spider Plants.

Spider plants are a great choice for beginners, as they are easy to care for and thrive in a variety of conditions. Plus, their trailing vines are perfect for cats to climb on!

2) Bamboo Plants

7 indoor plants safe for cats - Bamboo.

Bamboo is another easy-to-grow plant that cats love to play with. It’s also helpful in purifying the air in your home.



5) Catnip


Catnip is a plant that is beloved by cats of all ages. It’s non-toxic and can be used to help calm kitties down when they’re feeling fidgety.


7) And the last in our list of indoor plants safe for cats: African Violets


Finally, African violets are a great choice for cat owners who want a low-maintenance plant. These plants do well in shady areas and produce beautiful blooms.

7 Indoor plants safe for cats.

So, whether you’re a first-time plant owner or a seasoned green thumb, there’s a plant on this list that’s perfect for you and your cat! Please share these 7 indoor plants safe for cats with your friends and family.

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