The Family Cat Stole His Doggy Bed and It Quickly Turned into the Cutest Battle Ever

Pixel the Puppy Tries to Get His Doggy Bed Back from the Family Cat.

If you own cats, you already know how lovable they can be at times and downright jerks at other times! This poor little 10-week-old French bulldog simply wanted his bed back but the family cat wanted it for herself.

This bulldog’s name is Pixel and he does everything he can to try to reclaim what is rightfully his! Watch this adorable video of Pixel trying to win his bed back and find out if the family cat will have a change of heart.

Watch this puppy hilariously attempt to reclaim his bed from the cat…


No amount of begging will get the family cat away from this doggy bed. She is just too comfortable to give it up just yet! Please share this cute video of an adorable puppy trying his best to get his doggy bed back from the family cat with your friends and family.

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