This Man Pretended to Be Homeless but You Won’t Believe What He Does

YouTube Prankster BigDawsTV Giving to People Who Give Social Experiment.

YouTube prankster BigDawsTv did something different and decided to prank people but bring awareness to homelessness at the same time. Specifically, BigDawsTv wanted to say thank you to people who helped him by giving them their money back along with an extra $20 dollars.

Many people simply ignore him but the ones that do help BigDawsTv are equally surprised by his actions. What better way to give back than to give back generously to the people who give? If you believe in karma, it is definitely at work in this video by BigDawsTv.

Watch BigDawsTv giving back to people who give…

YouTube / BigDawsTv

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video entitled ‘Giving to People Who Give’ by BigDawsTv:

  1. “The people with little money are the ones who give the most.” – Luca D.B
  2. “‘See ya in glory partner!’ – one of the coolest lines ever.” – IGotItAll
  3. “This man who said a prayer was pureness in person.” – Max
  4. “‘See you in glory partner’ that made me cry, reminds me of my grandpa :'(” – joe duggan
  5. “‘See you in glory partner’ omg ???? yes we will!!!! Jesus loves you.” – grace
  6. “People who tell the homeless to “Get a job!” are the most ignorant people on this planet. They don’t understand all the other factors that come into play…” – ImJustDead
  7. 2:23 You convinced that man that God is listening to him.” – Vinny DiGregorio
  8. “I wish these types of videos became the ‘trend’ again.” – thisduderockz
  9. “That last woman…man. She seems polite. Smart. I really hope she was able to pick herself back up.” – Calvin J
  10. “The elderly lady was still in character ‘what about you?’ Loved her!” –
    M. H.

It’s simple, do good deeds and good things will happen to you as proven in this video by BigDawsTv. Please share this surprising and heartwarming social experiment by BigDawsTv with your friends and family.

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