What This Bear Did on a Golf Course Will Have You Laughing!

Some golfers captured a video of a hilarious bear playing with a flag on a golf course and playing with a flagpole. He was caught having the time of his life at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in British Columbia, Canada.

Baby bear plays with flag pole on golf course. Looks like an adorable circus act on the golf course!

The bear goes to great lengths at trying to capture the flag at the Mountainside Golf Course. He doesn’t stop spinning and you’ll notice he/she is not a bad dancer! In fact, it looks like the bear is performing a circus act on the golf course and it’s adorable.

Watch a bear playing with a flag on the Mountainside Golf Course.


Just like this grizzly bear diving in a swimming pool, this baby bear just wants to have fun. I think this bear wants to be the next “Tiger” but he definitely has fun with the golf ball.

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