This Adorable Mom Had the Same Beehive Hairdo Since 1965. After Her Makeover, She Couldn’t Stop Smiling.

63-Year-Old Mom Gets Beehive Hairdo Makeover by Oprah.

Some people get accustomed to a certain hairstyle for years or even decades and their hairstyle ends up making them look much older than they really are. Cindy and Christine wanted their mom, Joan, to get a makeover since she had the same “beehive” hairdo for nearly 40 years.

Joan Irvine is 63 years old but said that she doesn’t feel a day over 50; therefore, her daughters wanted her to look as young as she feels. Her hairstyle is also a labor-intensive process. Every week, she spends over 4 hours washing, combing, and setting her hair in rollers. Then, she sits under a hairdryer for over an hour! Her daughters enlisted the help of Oprah to help her mom get a makeover that she will love.

Watch how one mom’s beehive hairdo gets a 21st-century update on The Oprah Winfrey Show…


I couldn’t believe how great she looked after her makeover! She easily looks 10 years younger and is a great sport for accepting to change her look after 40 years. Please share this beautiful makeover of a mom with a beehive hairdo getting a 21st-century update with your friends and family.

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