A Rare Snowfall in Las Vegas Was Captured on Video and It Shows Nature at Its Best

Snowfall in Las Vegas Is Beautifully Captured and Shows Nature at Its Best.

Most nature pictures or videos tend to focus on scenery that is untouched by humans. While there is nothing wrong with that, this scenic video instead shows nature interacting with a vibrant city and it’s a refreshing change.

The soothing soundtrack also lets the video speak for itself and the cinematography is simply stunning. Most of the footage is during a rare snowfall in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is beautifully captured and is relaxing to watch.

Watch a snowfall in Las Vegas beautifully captured in a “Desert Wonderland”…

Canon 5D Mark II from Jim W on Vimeo.

This beautiful video was created by Vimeo user Jim W and was created with only a Canon 5DMark II DSLR camera. Please share this awesome video entitled ‘Desert Wonderland’ with your friends and family.

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