Geraldine the Dog Has a Special Talent That Fans of Star Wars Will Love. Hilarious!

Geraldine the Dog Sounds Like a Star Wars TIE Fighter When Excited.

The original Star Wars Trilogy is a feast for the eyes; however, it also contains an incredible amount of special effects and an award-winning score by John Williams. One of these effects you hear often is the sound of TIE fighters. The distinctive sound was created by sound designer Ben Burtt and he achieved it by combining the sound of an elephant call and a car driving on wet pavement.

If Geraldine the dog was around in the late ’70s, he could have simply used her instead. When Geraldine gets excited, she makes the same distinctive sound of a moving TIE fighter and it’s adorably funny. In the video, she is reunited with her family after a visit to the vet and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Watch Geraldine the dog show her love for Star Wars…


The video was posted by YouTuber Andrew Saunders and it is bound to make you smile if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Geraldine Loves Star Wars” by Andrew Saunders:

  1. “This is what YouTube is meant for.” – whatEver
  2. “It sounds more like Lego Yoda’s death sound…” – Vladimir Putin
  3. “My three favorite things: 1) Dogs 2) Star Wars 3) Dogs that sound like Star Wars.” – Joey Rocks
  4. “That was absolutely spot on. Wtf.” – Panda Jarcor
  5. “This spoiled Star Wars for me every time I hear one of the fighters all I can think of is this dog 😂” – Tyler Cheetham
  6. “The rebels don’t stand a chance with our new weapon.” – Meep Ster
  7. “2019: TIE Fighter 2020: DOG Fighter.” – Random Person
  8. “I’m not a big fan of star wars but this is so funny send help.” – maritza
  9. “What did people do before the internet?” – OldScratchJohnson

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