He Pretends to Be Blind and Shows His Winning Lottery Ticket. You Won’t Believe What Some People Did!

YouTuber Johal Prank: Blind Man with Winning Lottery Ticket Asks Strangers If He Won.

I love social experiments because they really demonstrate the honesty and goodness in some people like how strangers helped this single mom who didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries. In this social experiment, YouTube prankster Johal decides to portray himself as a blind person. In it, he asks people if his lottery ticket is a winner.

The interesting thing is, his lottery ticket is a winner and contains a prize amount of $500. He decides to visit a rich neighborhood and a poorer neighborhood to determine which people would be honest enough to tell him he was a winner.

Watch this social experiment by Johal about honesty in rich VS poor neighborhoods…


Again and again, individuals that don’t have very much always have big hearts and are honest. Please share this eye-opening social experiment by Youtuber Johal with your friends and family.

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