A Father Decided to Tickle Her Daughter’s Feet. Her Reaction Will Have You in Stitches!

Baby Loves Getting Sprayed With Air.

Babies learn to laugh at an early age and when they do, their laugh can be so infectious! When it comes to toys, many babies are simply happy with a cardboard box but this tiny baby prefers an air compressor! While playing a cute game of “bug hunt”, this baby’s father sprays her feet with a burst of air. She giggles and can’t contain her laughter.

Her face has a huge grin from ear to ear and watching her laugh is so cute you can’t help but laugh yourself. If you need a laugh, then this little baby’s reaction is sure to leave you in stitches!

Watch this baby’s infectious laugh when getting sprayed with air


You don’t need expensive gifts to entertain a baby. This father is having a special moment with his daughter and both of them are laughing and having fun. Please share this cute baby with her super infectious laugh with your friends and family.

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