This 4-Year-Old Painter Sells Her Paintings and Raises Thousands for Local Charities

At 4 years old, I don’t think I would have had the talent to become a painter but for 4-year-old Cosette Swart, it was an instant labor of love. As a young artist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she has raised over $4000 for local charities and it is just the beginning for this tiny and adorable artist.

According to her website, she “wants to help feed the poor people” and at only 4-years-old, she has done so much already. Her mother, Kristy-Anne Swart who is also an artist encouraged her daughter to begin painting by giving her an acrylic paint set that she used when she was younger.

Cosette Swart of Calgary, Alberta is only 4 years old but she has a passion for art that is undeniable.

She began painting after her mother gave her an acrylic paint set that she had when she was younger.

Cosette is extremely proud of every work of art she creates.

Cosette has sold every painting she has made so far and donates the proceeds to charity.

She has fun and provides much-needed help for families in need.

There are so many requests for her paintings around the world that some orders have to wait.

Cosette paints on her own time and her parents want to keep it fun for her.

Her paintings have raised money for World Vision which has helped buy a cow, a sheep, an alpaca, chickens and even a one-room dwelling for a deserving family.

Her father, Darryl Swart also has friends that have commented on how some of her paintings are equivalent to other artists whose paintings sell for thousands of dollars.

Her little brother also likes her paintings. 🙂

Cosette is a talented artist at only 4-years-old and looking forward to a life filled with art and love and encouragement from her family.

H/t: CTV News

It is so heartwarming to see a little girl provide so much for deserving families throughout the world with amazing paintings. Please share this incredible story of Cosette and her paintings with your family and friends.

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