25 Amazing Paintings That Look Incredibly like Photographs

If I told you these were photographs, you would probably believe me. They are so incredibly detailed and the colors are so lifelike you would swear you were looking at a large photograph.

The following artists are masters of their craft and each painting is surreal. Yes, a painting! These realistic art paintings are at the point of being unbelievable but they are all truly authentic one-of-a-kind works of art.

1) Paul Cadden – pencil and paper


2) Lee Price – Oil on linen


3) Ben Weiner – Paintings of paint


4) Omar Ortiz – Oil on linen


5) Gregory Thielker – Oil on canvas

6) Kim Ji-hoon – Pencil

7) Ron Mueck – Sculpture

8) Christina K – Drawing on tinted brown paper


9) Kamalky Laureano – Acrylic on canvas


10) Daisy – Charcoal

11) Ray Hare – Acrylic painting on canvas


12) Thomas Arvid – Limited edition Giclée on canvas


13) Gottfried Helnwein – Oil and acrylic on canvas


14) Kelvin Okafor – Graphite pencils


15) Amy Robins – Colored pencil on cartridge paper


16) Robert Longo – Charcoal on mounted paper


View more artworks from Robert Longo on Artsy.

17) Diego Fazio – Charcoal pencil


18) Samuel Silva – Ballpoint pen

In case you missed it…THIS was created with ballpoint pens, incredible.

19) Pedro Campos – Oil on canvas

20) Franco Clun – Pencils on watercolor paper

21) Dirk Dzimirsky – Graphite on paper

22) Alyssa Monks – Oil on linen


23) Bryan Drury – Oil on wood

24) Robin Eley – Oil on Belgian linen

25) Paul Cadden – Pencil on paper

H/t: BuzzFeed

My mind is still blown from viewing these realistic art paintings and I’m in awe by the talent of these artists and the photo-realistic paintings they produce. If you love art as much as I do, you may also enjoy these carved crayons.

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