23 Amusingly Lazy Cats That Have Achieved the Ultimate State of Relaxation

If you have one or more cats, you already know how much cats LOVE to sleep. Cats sleeping is a common sight for cat owners. Cats just have this awesome ability to simply relax and sleep nearly anywhere and in nearly any position!

Some might even call them lazy such as this lazy cat drinking water but these cats take laziness to an entirely new level. Here are 23 amusingly lazy cats that instantly achieve the ultimate state of relation.

1) Just chillin’.

2) “I shouldn’t have all that lasagna. Mama Mia!”

23 Amusingly Lazy Cats - "I shouldn't have all that lasagna. Mama Mia!"

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3) Who needs a mattress with friends like these?

4) Lazy cats all passed out.

5) Watching the game. Sort of…

6) Best friends forever.

7) Sleeping like a boss.

8) It must have been a long day.

9) Keep calm and chill on.

10) “If it fits, I sits…or sleep.”

23 Amusingly Lazy Cats - "If it fits, I sits...or sleep."

Flickr / Blake & Bianca

11) That’s one way to keep your feet warm and cozy.

12) “I could use another beer.”

13) Sleeping in the sun feels soooo nice.

14) He probably wishes there would be a second watermelon.

15) Working on his tan.

16) A couch “catato”?

17) He looks so comfortable.

18) Hide and seek: level 9000.

19) Nothing like the holidays.

20) A warm breeze and watching the sunset. Life is good…

21) Time to stretch then sleep some more.

22) Good luck trying to get that pillow back. He looks comfortable!

23) True dat.

After watching all these lazy cats taking a nap, I’m starting to feel pretty lazy myself! Please share these lazy cats relaxing in a pure state of bliss with your friends and family.

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