This 2-Year-Old in a Bounce House Is So Much Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be!

Cool 2-Year-Old in Bounce House With Hands in His Pocket.

When you think of 2 year olds, cool is generally not a term that comes to mind. That is, unless you’re the 2-year-old nephew of YouTuber Todd Blass and you’re enjoying time in a bounce house like a boss!

This little guy is jumping around in a bounce house with his hands in his pocket and he is as cool as some one can be. With his khaki pants, dress shirt, and zip-up jacket, he is also one of the most stylish 2 year olds you’ll ever meet. It really doesn’t matter who you are, no one on earth is as cool as this awesome kid!

Watch this cool 2-year-old kid having fun in a bounce house like a boss…



Great job! Even Chuck Norris approves.

This little guy is the perfect kidult and everybody can learn a few things by watching him. Please share this adorable 2-year-old playing it cool in a bounce house with your friends and family.

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