A Truck Flips Onto a House in Ontario and It’s Just as Crazy as It Sounds

lipped truck on house alban ontario

There are some things that sound unbelievable and learning that a truck flips onto a house is something you just have to see to believe, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Alban, Ontario when a rental truck veered off the road slightly, flipped up almost vertically, and landed on a house.

The footage was posted by Facebook user Sharon Gauthier and was taken by her partner’s dashcam while on his way back from work. Amazingly, nobody was hurt and the 24-year-old driver and his passenger of the commercial vehicle walked out unscathed.

Watch this amazing video of a truck flipping onto a house in Alban, Ontario…

Facebook / Sharon Gauthier

According to the CBC, the driver was charged with careless driving by the Ontario Provincial Police.

“Hey, you can’t park there.”

Twitter / @OPP_NER

There’s something you don’t see every day! Thankfully, the residents of the home were also not in the house at the time of the incident. The road was closed for 10 hours so crews could restore power and remove the wreckage.

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