Toddler Gets Upset Because There Is No More Bacon and We All Can Feel His Pain

Toddler Gets Upset Because All the Bacon Is Gone.

As Homer Simpson once compared pigs to magical animals, he may be on to something. Bacon, ham, pork chops, ribs, just to name a few…they produce some of the most mouthwatering meat dishes ever.

Bacon is one breakfast staple that many can’t start the day without and when the bacon platter is empty, we all crave one more slice. One toddler felt the same way and he really got upset after he learns that there is no bacon left. It doesn’t matter if bacon is boiled, baked, deep-fried, or even BBQ’d, it just tastes awesome.

Watch this toddler get upset after he learns that all the bacon is gone…


His parents probably shouldn’t bake this potato bacon cheddar tart¬†or roast this bacon-wrapped tenderloin because he may cry for weeks when they’re gone because both are so good.

Mmm…bacon. Lisa Simpson may want to reconsider becoming a vegetarian…


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