This Bride Airbrushed Her Wedding Dress and It Looks Awesome AF!

The color of traditional wedding dresses is white. While there is nothing wrong with that, creatively adding vivid color lets you add your own touch to traditional all-white wedding dresses.

Artist Taylor Ann Linko works with colors every single day; therefore, it would only make sense for her to want a splash of color for the most important day of her life. She coordinated every single element of her wedding and gave it a splash of color and EVERYTHING is gorgeous. Forget the wedding manicure or hairstyle, wait until you see her ombre wedding dress…

Taylor Ann Linko is a talented artist and works with color every single day.

She found a wedding dress at a discount store and decided to airbrush it with 3 layers of paint and it looks gorgeous.

She settled on a “sunset” color theme and proceeded to dye her hair using the same colors as her ombre wedding dress.

Everything from the flowers to her hair is matched perfectly and looks great.

One problem with all-white dresses is that they get dirty from walking around but not this one. The darker colors on the edges let Linko walk where she pleases without having to worry about her dress.

Her ombre wedding dress seems to amplify all of the colors around her as she walks down the aisle.

Her wedding guests also couldn’t believe how gorgeous and unique her wedding dress turned out.

The entire bridal party is also color coordinated in the same color palette as Linko’s wedding dress.

Her husband Christopher twirls his new bride during the first dance. Her photographer James Tang also wonderfully captured every single moment of her special day.

Also, nearly everything is handmade including wedding invitations, flower arrangements in Jones cola bottles, and even custom centerpieces made from clay.

Even the Jenga set has been painted using a “sunset” color palette.

You didn’t think we’d forget the cake, did you? The wedding cake with colorful cascading flowers is just as breathtaking as the wedding dress itself.

The response to Linko’s wedding dress has been incredible and is taking social media by storm.

Christopher and his bride Taylor Ann are happier than ever and their wedding day couldn’t have been more beautiful.

H/t: BuzzFeed

The entire wedding is beautiful from beginning to end and please visit James Tang Photography and Taylor Ann Art for more gorgeous photos. Please share this incredible ombre wedding dress with your friends and family.

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