These Young Boys Were Asked to Slap a Girl and You Will Love Their Reaction

These Young Boys Were Asked to Slap a Girl in This PSA.

There is nothing more disgusting than domestic violence, period. It just shouldn’t exist in our society but it’s a sad fact that it does.

There is hope. Boys aged 7 to 11 were introduced to a pretty young girl named Martina and were asked what they liked about her, to make funny faces at her, and to caress her. Then, they were asked to “Slap her. Hard.”

Their reaction will offer comfort that maybe we’re heading in the right direction.


The video was created by Ciaopeople Media Group and was published on Violence among families needs to stop and it is heartwarming and reassuring that kids know in their hearts that physically hitting ANYONE is wrong. Please share this social experiment video about domestic violence with your friends and family.

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