This Bride Didn’t Toss the Bouquet. What She Did Instead Surprised All of Their Guests.

Bride and groom help their friends get engaged at their wedding with a surprise wedding reception proposal.

A wedding reception is a time where guests partake in the celebration of a wedding couple’s new life together. One portion of the ceremony helps to bring some love and fortune to one happy woman with the tossing of the bouquet and the lucky lady who catches is believed to be the next to marry.

For this bride, she wanted to instill more than luck and fortune and surprised all her wedding guests with her actions. Everyone is overjoyed when she hands over the bouquet and you will too.

Watch this beautiful wedding reception proposal…


Just like this couple praying before their wedding, this couple did something beautiful. The entire room was overjoyed by not only experiencing a beautiful wedding but also a beautiful engagement proposal. Please share this wedding with a surprise proposal with your friends and family.

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