Walk off the Earth Perform an Epic Rendition of “O Canada”

You may remember a small Burlington-based band, Walk off the Earth from a 2012 viral video that featured five peeps and one guitar as they covered Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Since then, the band has grown and has received tons of accolades including a Juno award in 2016.

Walk off the Earth performs an epic rendition of "O Canada".

With COVID-19 restrictions across Canada and much of the world, most Canada Day celebrations have been canceled; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Canada Day at home with your family and friends! To help celebrate Canada Day in 2020, Walk off the Earth have done just that with an outdoor cookout featuring Canada’s favorite ketchup brand, French’s (sorry Heinz)!

Watch the amazing Canadian quartet, Walk off the earth perform “O Canada” to celebrate Canada Day…


Who could have known that bottles of French’s ketchup would make such great musical instruments!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “O Canada – Walk off the Earth (2020)” by Walk off the Earth:

  1. “This could be a French Brand Ketchup Commercial.” – David Cole
  2. “I panicked and thought it was Canada Day today and I forgot.” – TTV GoBlueHTB
  3. “This looks like it’s on the set of a Canadian Tire ad.” – jo_b
  4. “That’s a waste of Fries. Those could of been made into Poutine.” – James Tot
  5. “Merci d’avoir fait le petit bout en français. Most of the time we don’t have the privilege to ear it :D” – Kevin Randlett
  6. “I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian.” – Chamburrito
  7. “The French pronunciation was perfect! Is he French Canadian ?” – Joey Masson
  8. “I’m literally watching this video while eating ketchup chips.” – carlson 34-7
  9. “This is awesome…happy Canada Day everyone. Hope to see you all here in Canada.” – Patrick Belen
  10. “Canada = THE BEST COUNTRY ON THE EARTH.” – rexerexer66

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