What These Volunteers Did for Baby Sea Turtles Will Warm Your Heart. They Rock.

Who doesn’t love sea turtles? These adorable creatures have been around for millions of years, and they’re still going strong. Hatching season is upon us, and that means baby turtles are making their way to the ocean for the first time. But one of the biggest dangers that baby sea turtles experience takes place only seconds after they hatch.¬†When they make their way to the sea, they are extremely vulnerable and have to overcome major obstacles like getting past hungry predators. There are several predators such as birds, crabs, and many others who are looking to feast on easy prey.

To improve their chances of survival, a group of volunteers formed a human wall to guide the baby turtles to the ocean. The wall was necessary to keep the babies safe from predators. It’s a difficult and sometimes dangerous job but these volunteers were up for the task. As you can see, the turtles made their way to sea safely thanks to the kindness of these awesome volunteers.

Volunteers form a human wall to safely guide these baby sea turtles to the ocean.

Volunteers Help Baby Sea Turtles Make Their Way to the Sea Safely.

These adorable baby turtles could have easily been easy prey if it wasn’t for the kindness of all these caring people on the beach. Why do they do this? Because turtle eggs and hatchlings are a vital part of the local ecosystem. Without them, the balance could be thrown off, and wildlife would suffer. So next time you see a group of people standing between a beach and the ocean, don’t be too surprised if they’re there to save some baby turtles!

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Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that baby sea turtles are only about the size of a nickel when they’re born? Crazy right? Well, now you know!

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