A Single Mother of 3 Tells Her Boss She Lives in a Homeless Shelter. You Won’t Believe How Her Boss Responds!

Modell's Sporting Goods' Mitchell Modell on Undercover Boss.

The homeless sometimes get stereotyped as people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol or people who are unwilling to work but there are countless reasons for being homeless. Angel is a single mother of 3 and works as an associate at Modell’s Sporting Goods. She has been living in a homeless shelter for the past two years. Caring for her family takes everything she makes; however, she works hard every day to someday give her kids a better life.

On an episode of Undercover Boss, CEO Mitchell Modell decided to get an inside look at the operations of one of his stores by going undercover as a new trainee. Angel was in charge of training Modell. He was impressed by her work ethic and how she puts effort and enthusiasm into her job.

When they take the time to learn about each other, Modell is heartbroken. He learns that Angel lives in a homeless shelter and wants to help give her a better life. Watch how Modell reveals himself and the generous gift he gives to her for being an excellent employee and a caring person.

Watch how Mitchell Modell proves one day can change everything…


It’s amazing how one day can change your entire life for the better! Angel now will have stable home life because of her excellent work ethic.

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