2 Dads Experience the Pain of Childbirth with a Labor Pain Simulation

2 Dads Experience the Pain of Childbirth with a Labor Pain Simulation.

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for every couple but it’s safe to say that mom deals with most of the trials and tribulations of childbirth. Being pregnant for 9 months is no easy feat but when it comes to childbirth, many men probably don’t realize how painful it can be.

To demonstrate what labor pain feels likes, two dads took part in labor pain simulation and they probably didn’t anticipate what they were in for. They had electrodes attached to their abdomen and the system works with electrical impulses to simulate painful contractions. They also had the support of their wives which couldn’t keep a straight face as they watched their husbands experience what childbirth feels like.

Watch two dads experience labor pain in this simulation…


After watching this video, I have the overwhelming urge to thank my mom for the pain she probably went through with me! Please share these two dads experiencing a labor pain feels like with your friends and family.

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