This Student Played an April Fool’s Cellphone Prank on Her Teacher and It Was Hilarious

Student Played an April Fool's Cellphone Prank on Her Teacher.

April Fool’s Day is a great time to pull harmless pranks on friends and co-workers with office pranks. This Aquinas College macroeconomics professor got pranked by one of his students and it was good.

The professor has a policy where if a student’s smartphone rings, he/she must answer it on speakerphone but one student had an extremely personal call. When he heard the call, he apologized because it seemed like the call was for a very personal reason. Upon hearing the entire conversation, he didn’t know what to say and felt so bad. When the classroom started laughing, he was extremely relieved that it was only a joke!

Watch the best classroom April Fool’s prank ever…


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