It’s One of the Scariest Amusement Park Ride Ever. Watching It Could Make Your Stomach Churn!

Phantasialand's Talocan Amusement Park Ride Is a Must See.

When people ask me what my favorite amusement park is, Disneyland immediately comes to mind. Today, there are a variety of other amusement parks to enjoy. The Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany may have one of the scariest rides ever!

The Talocan amusement ride is inspired by Tlaloc, Aztec God of rain, lightning, and thunder. According to the ride’s official description, “Hungrily, he waits for fresh victims, ready to face the challenge of his Talocan lair”. Even as a spectator, watching the ride in action as it spins these thrill-seekers round and round is enough to make anyone queasy.

Watch these brave people ride the gravity-defying Talocan, one of Phantasialand’s scariest rides…


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