Brave Paramedic Wearing an Ebola Suit Rescues Stuck Skunk With Cup on Its Head

Stuck Skunk Gets Rescued Free by a Brave Paramedic.

Paramedics do an amazing job helping people in distress but their rescue efforts aren’t limited to humans! A poor skunk in Toronto, Ontario found itself with a cup stuck on its head and couldn’t see where it was going.

When a brave paramedic, Justin Mausz, noticed the skunk bumping into things, he knew he had to rescue the skunk. To prevent himself from getting sprayed during the skunk rescue, he wore an Ebola suit. Knowing that if the suit could prevent him from getting Ebola, it would provide adequate protection from getting sprayed.

Paramedic in Peel noticed a poor skunk had a cup on its head and kept bumping into things.

He wore an Ebola suit to protect himself from getting sprayed during the skunk rescue and successfully saved the poor little skunk.

H/t: CBC

It’s almost as though the skunk knew it was in trouble and wanted some help and thanks to this patient and skillful paramedic, he built some trust with the animal. According to his twitter page, Justin is going to grad school and felt this skunk rescue was a perfect end to his time with Peel Paramedics.

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