She Was Stranded at an Airport All Night Long and Decided to Make the Most of It!

Having to fly to your destination can become an anxious time for many people. Just like little Mila and her experience with airport security, it’s not all bad. The key is to stay positive and try to make it a happy voyage. When YouTuber Mahshid Mazooji missed her connecting flight in Charlotte, she was disappointed and angry. But instead of sitting in anger at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport all night long, she did something that makes her happy…DANCE!!

YouTuber Mahshid Mazooji Dances All Night Long at an Airport in Charlotte, NC.

She started dancing to Lionel Richie’s classic 80s hit ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ and made some truly great friends along the way! She dances her troubles away with staff and passengers waiting for flights and it is epic!

Watch as this woman, Mahshid Mazooji happily dance all night long at the airport…


I loved every second of her video and hope she made you smile. She proves that you can turn any bad experience into a good experience by staying positive and doing something that makes you happy!

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