Funny Southwest Flight Attendant Gives “Sexy” Safety Briefing

If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably daydream during the safety briefings given before any flight. It’s generally the same monotonous script but not when you have an hilarious flight attendant.

Before flight 1597 departs from Dallas to Las Vegas, Southwest flight attendant Nicholas Demore starts the safety briefing; however, he decides to make it entertaining and gives it a sexy spin. Demonstrations of how to secure the seat belt or using the safety vest were given a dose of laughter. His sultry routine was so hilarious that his colleague narrating the entire thing lost her composure more than once.

Watch this funny Southwest flight attendant…


No matter how many times you fly, flying can be nerve-wracking experience for many people. Having some hilarious entertainment before or even during the flight can definitely help calm your nerves.

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