He Picked up a Lost Wallet and Went Shopping. Watch What the Owner Does!

Lost Wallet Is Returned by Young Man in Social Experiment.

One of my personal fears is losing my wallet or getting my wallet stolen. It contains ID cards, driver’s license, credit and debit cards, and cash. Because my driver’s license also contains my address and date of birth, this makes it easier for people to steal your identity.

YouTube prankster DennisCee decided to perform a social experiment. Specifically, he wanted to find out what people would do if they found a wallet on the ground. He was surprised when a young man did pick it up and then went into the mall to purchase a few things. Watch his reaction has he eventually catches up with him and tells him he is the owner of the wallet.

Watch this prankster ask strangers if they lost a wallet (it’s his wallet) and see how honest they are…


This young man was extremely honest and did the right thing but did you doubt him at first? Please share this social experiment to determine how people would react if they found a lost wallet with your friends and family.

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