When the Judges Heard Her Voice, They Had to Turn Around. When They Did…OMG!

Sister Cristina Wows the Judges as She Sings on Italy's The Voice 2014.

Talent programs feature people from all walks of life and you never know who will be the next winner. When a 25-year-old nun named Suor (Sister) Cristina Scuccia walks onstage at Italy’s “The Voice,” the audience doesn’t know what to expect but they give her warm welcome.

Suor Cristina begins to sing Alecia Key’s “The One” and within seconds, one of the judges, J-Ax, hits the button to see her. The remaining judges soon follow his lead and all of them beg Suor Cristina to work with them.

Watch Suor Cristina wow the judges on Italy’s “The Voice”…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “The Voice IT, Series 2, Blind 2, Suor Christina Scuccia” by The Voice of Italy:

  1. “‘CIAO SORELLA IO SONO LO ZIO’ è così che iniziò la leggenda” – Roby2002
  2. “Quando ancora avevamo dei giudici che ne capivano qualcosa di musica…” – Christian Araldi
  3. “Who still remember Suor Cristina in January 2020?” – S a s s.『나 좀 보자』
  4. “I adore J-AX’s reaction. He’s like seeing fireworks for the first time. Ever notice how he cries at her every performance? For an atheist rapper, she must have some hold on him.” – Louisa Lawrence
  5. “Next life I wanna be Italian. God must have had his best day ever when he created His most beautiful language and people.” – Roosje Keizer
  6. “Scusate, siamo arrivati a 100 mln!!????” – Luisa Arso
  7. “God doesn’t take anything from us but will give us more.” —Suor Cristina Then, J-Ax cried… ???????????? So touching….” – MR. Math
  8. “The three sisters at the back reminded me of the sister act nuns that was screaming like these too!!” – Gino Tan

Most of the judges were speechless and Suor Cristina went on to win the entire competition. Please share this surprising performance of Suor Cristina on Italy’s “The Voice” with your friends and family.

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