We’ve Been Separating Egg Whites and Egg Yolks All Wrong. Try This Quick and Easy Method Instead!

Egg Separator Hack Using a Simple Water Bottle Works Like a Charm.

Eggs are possibly one of the most perfect foods you can eat but there are times you need to separate the yolk from the egg whites. Just like this easy hack for peeling hard boiled eggs, there are many tips for separating egg whites a little easier but the folks at Handimania might have found the ultimate solution…using a water bottle!

You may have seen some egg separators in retail stores using the same concept but why buy one when an empty water bottle is just as effective…and free! The suction is just enough to gently pull away from the yolk from the egg whites and you can use this tip regardless of how many yolks are in the bowl.

Watch this very cool way to separate egg yolks using a plastic water bottle…


If you use the traditional (and messy!) technique of using your fingers to separate egg whites from yolks, this hack of using a water bottle is so easy you’ll never want to go back. Please share how to separate egg whites from egg yolks using a water bottle with your friends and family.

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