McDonald’s Staff Brought a 93-Year-Old Man to Tears. The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart.

It’s amazing when employees go out of their way to make someone’s day special and it isn’t something they learn from the employee handbook, it comes from their heart. When a 93-year-old man from Workington, Cumbria lost his wife in 2009, he understandably felt alone and began visiting his local McDonald’s nearly every day and enjoyed a Happy Meal.

He visits his local McDonald’s 6 days a week and this has helped him socialize with staff and regular customers who now call him a friend. On Sundays, he visits his goddaughter and discusses his week with her over a home-cooked meal.

When the staff found out his 93rd birthday was coming up, they surprised him with a gift of shortbread, whisky, and free Happy Meals for life. Not only did they throw him a birthday party, they even gave him his own table for every time he visits.

93-year-old Harry Scott visits his local McDonald’s nearly every day after his wife passed. On his birthday, we was thrown a birthday party by the restaurant staff to say thanks.


He enjoys a Happy Meal 6 days a week and has dinner with his goddaughter on Sundays. The restaurant gave him several birthday gifts including free Happy Meals for life!


This thoughtful act has made his day and not only did he get a birthday party he’ll never forget, he also gets his own table at his local McDonald’s in Workington, Cumbria.

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It can be lonely when someone you love isn’t in your life anymore but all you need is to be surrounded by friends and family to help you through the difficult times. These employees have shown this caring 93-year-old man compassion and care. Please share this heartwarming gesture by McDonald’s staff with your friends and family.

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