Olympian Scott Hamilton Reveals Stunning Confession Regarding His Health

If there is one certain thing about life is that it has its shares of ups and downs. The trick is to get back up when life pushes you down and celebrate and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Scott Hamilton understands this and his positive outlook on life is what kept him going after first being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997. After beating cancer, he received a brain tumor diagnosis in 2004. He kept on fighting even after being told in 2010, his brain tumor was back. Astonishingly, he reveals in 2016 that he received another brain tumor diagnosis from his doctors. He later jokes that, “I have a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness. It’s six years later, and it decided that it wanted an encore.”

One of the fundamental lessons he gives at his skating academy is that even if you fall, you are going to get back up and be stronger than before. Hamilton has beaten cancer in the past and is determined to beat it again.

Scott Hamilton is a world-class Olympian winning the Bronze medal in 1980 and the Gold medal in 1984.

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His coach, Don Laws saw something special in Hamilton and was a source of inspiration until his passing in late 2014.

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Today, Scott has his own skating academy where he trains people from all ages to learn how to skate.

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Over the past couple of decades, Scott has been diagnosed with cancer and has beaten it more than once.

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He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997 and beat it. In 2004 and 2010, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and fought hard every single time and beat it again.

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In 2016, Scott received a brain tumor diagnosis for a third time. He has a strong Christian faith and knows that this and his family’s strength will help him once more.


After getting support from his family and eating healthy, his latest MRI in Feb. 2017 indicated the tumor had actually shrunk without any treatment! This is wonderful news and we wish Scott and his wonderful family all the best.


Watch Olympic skater Scott Hamilton discuss his latest brain tumor diagnosis…


Scott Hamilton is the epitome of strength and resilience and is ready to kick cancer’s butt one more time. Please share this inspirational story of Olympian Scott Hamilton with your friends and family.

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