Cast of ‘Saved by the Bell’ Fabulously Reunites on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘the Tonight Show’

If you grew up in the early 90s, you may remember a little TV show on Saturday mornings called ‘Saved by the Bell’. It was a huge hit and attracted more teenage viewers on Saturday mornings than the top sitcom at the time, ‘The Cosby Show’ in primetime. Jimmy Fallon decided to bring back some of the cast of Saved by the Bell for a long-overdue reunion. Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, AC Slater, and Mr. Belding are back at Bayside High in this hilarious reunion.

Cast of Saved by the Bell Fabulously Reunites on Jimmy Fallon.

Watch Jimmy Fallon going to Bayside High with the cast of ‘Saved By The Bell’…


Saved By The Bell first aired in 1989 on NBC and was actually a reboot of Disney Channel’s ‘Good Morning, Miss Bliss’. The series ended in 1993 but over 22 years later, the cast nearly looks the same as they did then. I did miss ‘Lisa’ and the quirky ‘Screech’ but maybe we’ll see them at a future reunion!

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