This Santa Signing with a Little Girl to Get Her Christmas Wish Will Melt Your Heart

Mall Santa Signing with a Little Girl to Get Her Christmas Wish.

One of the joys of Christmas for many little kids is meeting Santa and telling him what they would like for Christmas. One little girl named Mali was overjoyed at meeting Santa but because she had a hearing impairment, she had trouble speaking and was just learning how to sign.

Thankfully, Santa knows sign language and it is heartwarming as he begins to speak to her using sign language. You can sense the joy she is feeling to be able to communicate with Santa and tell him that she wants a scooter for Christmas!

Watch Santa signing to a little girl…


Shortly after meeting Santa, little Mali got a second chance to meet Santa and got a special surprise. She got the opportunity to open her Christmas presents that were presented by Santa himself!

Watch Santa reuniting with Mali and presenting her with a special surprise!…


Just like this little girl using sign language to sign the words to her deaf parents at her Christmas concert, It is so wonderful to see children communicating with sign language. Please share this wonderful mall Santa signing with a little girl with your friends and family.

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